Abyssinia Rock


Start Point: 12kms past Ashendon Rd, along Brookton Hwy

Distance: 11 kms

Duration: 3 hours

Abyssinia Rock is a hidden gem on the Bibbulmun Track and a real a treat to explore!

This 11km/3hr trail begins by taking you uphill through dense jarrah and she-oak bushland, filled with grass trees, banksias and a variety of wildflowers. After a couple of kms the trail narrows and starts to wind across a ridge, a break in the trees to the south gives you a glimpse of the amazing views to come! Following the Wagly, you begin to make your way downhill to the impressive Abyssinia Rock.

When you first lay your eyes on this giant granite outcrop, you will probably not quite realise how spectacular it is… but just you wait! Following the rock cairns, and being careful not to step on the fragile moss or the slippery black rock, head uphill to the peak of Abyssinia. If the sheer size of this rock is not enough to impress you then the awe-inspiring views of Mt Cooke, Mt Vincent, Mt Cuthbert and Mt Randall to the south will certainly do the trick! As a return trail, once you have had enough exploring, turn around and retrace your steps along the Bibbulmun to the start.

The start of this trail can be found along Brookton Hwy, 12km past the Ashendon Rd turnoff, look out for where the Bibbulmun track and powerlines cross the highway then park on the right.

When you combine a section of the Bib with a giant granite outcrop that features rock pools, colourful mosses, lichens and sundews and breathtaking views, it is an almighty rewarding experience! I highly recommend you head Off The Beaten Track and give this hike a crack! You won’t be disappointed.

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