Baldwins Bluff


Start Point: Serpentine National Park

Distance: 6 kms

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Just over a year ago I discovered this local gem Baldwins Bluff! From this point forward my love of hiking was born.

Departing from Serpentine National Park, follow the trail markers along the gravel 4×4 track until you come to a T junction, at this point turn right and head up hill. It doesn’t take long for your blood to start pumping as the ascent is quite steep and rocky. This 6km/2hr hike will take you through jarrah and marri woodlands, in Winter you can hear the stream flowing nearby and it’s incredibly tranquil. Once you reach the top of the climb you will come to another T junction, again turn right, you will be releaved to know the next section is sloped downhill slightly and will be a welcomed relief. You know you’ve hit Baldwins when your breath gets taken away by the spectacular view of Serpentine Falls coupled with multiple peaks in the horizon. As a return trail, retrace your steps to the start point but be careful going downhill as it is quite steep. This is truly one of my favourite spots Off The Beaten Track!

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