Top 10 Winter Hiking Trails in Perth

Waterfall with the sun shining. Viewed from a Perth hiking trail.

Winter is the best time to explore Perth’s hiking trails! The rains have filled the brooks and streams, the waterfalls are flowing, the forest has come alive and is vibrant with lush green foliage, vibrant moss and even the spot of colour from wildflowers.  Perth’s Mediterranean climate means our winters are mild and wet… but […]

Top 10 Must Have Items When Hiking Perth’s Trails 

There are some lovely urban walking trails within Perth’s metro area where the only hiking “gear” you might need for a few hours is just some water and sun protection. Being in a populated area has you within yahoo’s distance of help if you need it. It’s a little different when you head out into […]

Top 10 Perth Trails Over 10kms

Hikers often reach a point where we want to hike a little further afield! Sometimes it’s to challenge ourselves physically and mentally, to spend more time in nature in our beautiful Aussie forests, for some overnight hiking or to build up our fitness for multi-day hikes. There are a lot of amazing longer trails around […]

Top 10 Beginner Hiking Trails in Perth

Getting out there and hiking for the first time can be a bit daunting, and because we love hiking, we want to make this as easy as possible for new hikers! Choosing the right trail will make your first few hiking trips so enjoyable, you’ll want to get out there again and again. However, hiking […]

Top 10 Waterfalls & Cascade Hikes in Perth & South West WA

Late Autumn, Winter and early Spring is the perfect time to find some waterfalls, cascades and flowing water on trails around Perth and the South West of Western Australia. For the water-loving hikers, these are OTBT’s top 10 waterfalls and cascade hikes! Most of these trails are relatively short and some are even great for […]

Top 10 Dog Friendly Hikes in Perth

Why should you be looking for dog friendly hikes in Perth? Well there are two things in life that we know make you feel good: You’ll often hear us talking about the benefits of hiking. This is because we experience it all the time and we want to share those good vibes with others. Aside […]

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