Born and raised in the gravel and gums of WA’s beautiful Perth Hills, Claire is a nature lover and adventurous spirit.

Claire enjoys exploring the worlds natural landscapes either by foot or by packing up her lunch and hopping on a bike for a peddling style adventure!

Some of her favourite adventures so far include hiking the Cape to Cape Track and The Murchison River in Kalbarri, as well as cycling The Ring of Kerry in Ireland.
Claire has a background in sport and a passion for all things movement and physical activity, especially when it comes to hitting the dance floor!

When she is not hiking with the team at Off The Beaten Track WA, Claire is also yoga teacher and enjoys combining her love of mindful movement and meditation with nature.

She finds that the best medicine for calming the mind is to head into a forest with some yummy snacks and find a nice big rock to sit on and ponder life!

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