On 23rd July 2017 I first visited the Jarrahdale Railway Heritage Trail. Unlike every other hike I had ever done, I left feeling very disappointed. A lovely scenic historic trail – ruined by illegal dumping! During my 8kms, I found mufflers, washing machines, tyres, umbrellas, a kitchen sink, a wheelchair and bags of household rubbish. It was so upsetting to see nature being disrespected by thoughtless people. So began my quest to Clean Up The Tracks!

Contacting the local government, Keep Australia Beautiful, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions and promoting impending the group clean-up effort on Facebook, I was hopeful to get a couple of extra sets of hands to help me pick up a few bags of rubbish. But what happened on the day, was better than ever expected!

On 20th August 2017, I was incredibly honoured to be joined by 20 awesome people cleaning up the Jarrahdale Railway Heritage Trail. We walked the trail, filling over 30 big orange bags, then filling 5 ute trays with larger items and eventually overfilling a large skip bin, kindly provided by DBCA. It was a massive effort by everyone but so very rewarding to know that beauty had been restored to a special area in my beloved Jarrahdale.

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