Eagle View Walk Trail


Start Point: Rangers Station, John Forest National Park

Distance: 15 kms

Duration: 3-5 hours

The Eagle View Walk Trail in John Forrest National Park is 15kms of pure hiking gold!

Starting at the Rangers Station the trail takes you alongside Jane Brook, underneath the Railway and down to the National Park Falls via a wildflower lined trail which is truly superb. The National Park Falls are a treasure in themselves and a great spot to stop and take in the natural beauty of your surroundings.

From the falls you can either choose to follow Jane Brook or the Ridge for the 250m vertical climb up to the Eagle View Lookout. I highly recommend following the narrow and windy Jane Brook trail as it requires rock climbing, features granite outcrops and the serenity of hearing the brook flowing adds a really special touch! The climb itself is quite gradual and not difficult, but being surrounded by a variety of gorgeous wildflowers and eventually the sweeping views of the valleys that John Forest National Park provides, make it a very rewarding climb. Once at the top, there are many granite rocks you can take a seat on to enjoy the impeccable views over the Swan Coastal Plain to Perth that the Eagle View Lookout offers.

From the lookout the trail weaves its way through open heathlands and down to the bottom of the valley alongside Christmas Tree Creek, which is a highlight of this trail especially after some decent Winter rainfall. Once you cross the creek the trail immediately starts to incline through jarrah-marri-wandoo forests, typical of the Darling Scarp. The semi-scorched landscape is evidence of the bushfires that tore through this area many years ago. This section has lots of hilly ups and downs and certainly makes for a great workout with incredible views (a winning combo in my eyes)! The final section is mostly downhill on a wide gravel track that makes its way back towards Jane Brook and Hovea Falls.

As Eagle View is a loop trail, it can be completed in any direction, but following the yellow triangle eagle markers in a clockwise direction is your best bet, as it gets the bigger climbs out of the way early on. This 3-5hr hike will take you on a journey of undulating terrain through unparalleled scenery. Eagle View has so many incredible natural features that it is easy to see why it is arguably one of the best Perth day hikes Off The Beaten Track!

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