Gloucester Route


Start Point: Gloucester National Park, Pemberton

Distance: 10 kms

Duration: 3 hours

There is something very captivating about the 10km Gloucester Route trail in Pemberton, WA! This trail loops through towering Karri forest and leads you over hills, down gullies, across moss covered bridges and past hidden waterfalls.

Following the black markers from the Gloucester Tree, the first (and last) section of this hike utilises the Bibbulmun track, the trail can be quite steep in sections but isn’t too difficult and will take you a very rewarding 3-4hrs to complete. A little longer if you take the short detour mid-hike to the Berry Farm and enjoy a scone with berry jam and cream, which I highly recommend you do!

The forest undergrowth definitely helps to give the Karri forest its character and charm. Made up of an abundance of lush green shrubs such as Karri Wattle and Peppermint, ferns, moss covered logs and gorgeous vines including White Clematis that is draped over everything. Combine this with giant Karri trees and the occasional sun beams breaking through the forest canopy and you have yourself one very enchanted place!

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