Off The Beaten Track WA (OTBT) offer a range of options for people living with a disability to gain the benefits a hike in nature can bring.

NDIS participants whom are self-managed or plan-managed can engage with OTBT to provide them with a fully bespoke service that is tailored to your unique abilities and support needs. From short easy terrain, to full day hikes and multi-day treks – we can offer you a program that supports your rehabilitation and enriches your life.

Research shows that spending time in nature can improve both your physical and mental health. Through connection to nature and movement our clients will have the opportunity to improve their fitness and mental well-being.

We can help you to work towards achieving your goals individually or in a group setting through our recreational program. We can create a tailored program for your specific needs or you can join one of our Group Hikes to enhance your social skills.

Through our tailored program, we can customise every aspect including dietary and sensory needs, fitness levels, personal goals and even provide you with hiking equipment or transport that will enhance your experience. The Team at OTBT are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, supported and enriching program that works with you to achieving your goals.

For those participants that may have more complex needs or behavioural considerations, a support worker can also accompany you, as long as it fits within your NDIS Plan and is approved.

Benefits May Include:

Increase in social & community participation

Improvements in your mental well-being by participating in physical activity

Improvements in your fitness and co-ordination

Aid in your rehabilitation

Connection to nature

Off The Beaten Track WA’s Hiking Guides are real hikers with a passion for the outdoors and people. We provide a safe, relaxed yet professional atmosphere for you so you can totally immerse yourself in the outdoors.


When I first cheekily contacted Tracy and Andrew to ask if they would consider doing hikes for people with mental disability, (as I was struggling to find community activities for my teenage daughter, who has severe brain injury, to participate actively in), they did not baulk at the challenge but embraced it.  It was not something they had done before, but they were passionate about sharing their love of hiking with all. 

On our first hike, with therapists and support workers in tow, I noticed the positive benefits straight away that the hike was having on my daughter.  The rhythm of walking and the beauty and peacefulness of nature had a relaxing and regulating effect on my daughter. It has been scientifically proven that the pace of a regular walking rhythm can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms you down.  Troubles and difference and frustrations were washed away during the hike (for both disabled client and care giver alike).  It was heart-warming to witness that Andrew and Tracy were not perturbed by the strange mannerisms or inappropriate social graces of a brain injured young person, but took it in their stride, laughed along with her and made my daughter feel special.  A connection was made.
On the next hike we invited a few more people to join us, who had a range of disabilities from: acute anxiety, partial paralysis and TBI, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.  All were made to feel valued and included by the OTBT crew, and everyone was joking around and smiling and tired by the end. We felt fantastic!

Over the year our relationship has continued to develop with Andrew, Tracy and the crew. They have familiarised themselves with my daughters needs, and follow her lead (by watching her facial and behaviourial cues) to know when to slow the pace of the hike or of the conversation, adapting the length or difficulty of the terrain to allow Eloise to have success, whilst continuously giving gentle encouraging nudges to keep her going along the way so that she could push her milestones a little bit further each time and achieve more than she thought she was able . Eloise was rewarded with praise for completing sections of track she found challenging, or for pushing herself a bit more when she felt like giving up, and all her jokes were laughed at, no matter how many times they had already been told. Recently I asked Eloise why she enjoyed going on the hikes with Andrew and Tracy and the crew, and she said; ‘I like to interact with people, and they actually noticed my existence’. What greater testament do you need than that to show what a truly inclusive and caring organisation they are and what a positive effect they have on their clients.”

“I work with young people in care who have trauma and are living in a residential care home environment. I chose Off The Beaten Track for the young people I work with as I love their care and attention to detail, their safety and contingency planning, being in a group and having nibbles provided are all huge bonuses. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the hikes I’ve taken the young people on. Seeing them exploring the nature around us and connecting. I highly recommend getting in touch with OTBT!”

“Last year the then 15 year old males’ goal has been to lose weight. To make it fun, when he reached his steps goal we would do a hike together to celebrate. The first hike with Off The Beaten Track was Kitty Gorge night hike and it was amazing, he got to experience nature up close seeing 2 echidnas on the trail, insects and plants flowering, be outdoors and socialise with other people. Having had a sense of achievement and new found goals, he continued on hikes and discovered what he liked and didn’t like about hiking. Hills are not his thing and that’s ok. He liked doing the hikes with less incline, experienced the social aspect and chatting with familiar people from previous hikes whilst on OTBT. Today he has a sense of self empowerment and has his stories he tells of his hiking adventures and pictures of his journey.”

“Being autistic, I struggle with sensory overload. Hiking provides me such a lovely environment to step away from harsh artificial lights, too many people and intense smells and noise. It is such a grounding, deeply therapeutic experience which aids in emotional regulation. It makes confronting day to day life a lot easier. It is such a delight and so soothing to have nothing but the sound of the wind and birds to focus on. Many of my deep interests are ecology related and I adore being able to explore them in a more hands-on environment.

The team at Off The Beaten Track have been fantastic with providing me with clear communication, ongoing support and kindness to guide me in meeting my goals. Arrangements to meet my sensory needs such as dietary, sleeping, social downtime and equipment were met with ease, patience and care. I have especially enjoyed the challenges hiking brings where I can confront my social anxiety and interact with such a lovely group of understanding individuals and get to know the common ground I share with strangers across each step we take. I have always wanted to participate in multi day challenging hikes but felt it was outside my capacity due to my disability. The team has really opened doors for me and have provided such excellent encouragement to let me confront my fears and tell myself I am capable and worthy. I am so very thankful. I am filled with joy to have future adventures to look forward to. I have had painful experiences with many not understanding how to approach people with disabilities and Tracy and the team have such an excellent person centered approach of actually getting to know and understand me where I am not viewed as a stereotype. I can not recommend getting out there with Off The Beaten Track enough, I am immensely grateful for the new opportunities and have seen such growth in my self esteem, social confidence and motivation to improve my fitness.”

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