Mt Toolbrunup


Start Point: End of Toolbrunup Rd, Stirling Range National Park

Distance: 4 kms

Duration: 3 – 4 hours

Mt Toolbrunup is not for the faint hearted! At 1052m above sea level it is the second highest peak in the Stirling Ranges and makes for an excellent hiking challenge!

This 4km/4hr trail commences by taking you through quaint woodlands aside a creek. The sound of the trickling water is a nice distraction from the progressive incline you are faced with. The first km, although steep is quite enjoyable and not too difficult, but just as you think to yourself “I got this”, you come across the field of scree and boulders and start to have second thoughts! I have never seen anything quite like it, and the pictures don’t quite prepare you for it! Rock hopping and scrambling over the boulders definitely requires some good concentration which makes this not only a great work out for the body but also the mind. There are two long boulder fields broken up by passages of overhanging trees. For most of the hike you are protected by mountains but as you approach the summit the winds become quite fierce and you must take extra caution. The final section features more tricky terrain as you are faced with a couple of short vertical climbs up the side of the rock face. Feeling exhausted but exhilarated you finally reach the summit and quickly realise it was totally worth it when you are faced with an extraordinary 360 degree view of the Stirling Ranges.

Mt Toolbrunup is a return trail, so you get to experience those impressive boulder fields on your descent too. By the time you finish this remarkable hike and get back to your car you will likely have jelly legs, but be completely pumped by what you just achieved Off The Beaten Track!

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