I chose to begin guiding hikes to unveil the world beyond screens, share the beauty of Australia, and to foster a connection with nature. Amidst the challenges of COVID, I found solace in hiking, realizing the healing power of putting one foot in front of the other.

I really Love the Kitty’s Gorge Hike. I love that the terrain changes so much and that there is a story to it. It is not the hardest, but it is nice and long and is perfect for all levels and paces, you can do it quickly or you can take your time and enjoy the many waterfalls and views along the way. 

My journey with Off The Beaten Track (OTBT) has been transformative, expanding my knowledge and community. Whether discussing Camino Trail stays or perfecting margaritas, every hike is a continuous learning experience.

Beyond guiding, I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast, and love camping with friends and exploring diverse destinations. From Europe and Bali to Shark Bay and Sydney, my adventures are fueled by a desire for discovery. Born in Thailand to a Zimbabwean family, my childhood was a unique blend of exotic experiences, fostering a lifelong love for exploration.

In the freedom of hikes, I encourage others to embrace the moment – scream from mountaintops, read by waterfalls, try photography, or engage in profound conversations with friends. Be free and worry only about the next step.

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