Stacey’s Loop


Start Point: Atkins Street, Jarrahdale

Distance: 2 kms

Duration: 1 hour

Stacey’s Loop is a delightful 2km family friendly trail in Serpentine National Park.

This short but sweet trail winds through jarrah forest filled with fallen hollowed trees, bracken ferns and grass trees. The fallen trees are perfect for kids to climb and explore and definitely ignite their sense of adventure! 

The trail head is on Atkins St, Jarrahdale, and ample parking is available here across at the cemetery. Completing the trail in an anti-clockwise direction (is our preference), you will begin your hike by immediately being completely immersed into dense forest! After about 300m you’ll come across a huge Marri tree that is burnt but still living! The size of this tree is very impressive and you’ll be sure to stop to admire it and take a photo! A little further along the track you will come across an old burnt out tree hollow and fallen trunk on your left which is ideal for the kids to climb and explore!

After crossing the forestry track the forest becomes less dense as you begin to meander down to the boardwalks that cross the Gooralong Brook. The change in foliage signifies you are nearing water and Karri Hazel becomes abundant here. A series of boardwalks take you over the brook and offer a great platform to immerse yourself in this beautiful forest. 

Just after you cross a wooden bridge near a small waterfall you have the option to go straight ahead (the official trail) or a small track to the right that follows the brook to a lush ‘secret garden’. Beyond the secret garden is a granite outcrop which is a fantastic vantage point to sit back, relax and take it all in! 

From here, your hike joins the Kitty’s Gorge Trail and leads you back into the jarrah forest once again before you return to the start point.

With such a diverse range of gorgeous scenery, Stacey’s Loop is one of my favourite little Perth hiking trails!

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