Sullivans to Monadnocks


Start Point: Sullivans Rock

Distance: 15 kms

Duration: 5 hours

Sullivans to Monadnocks is arguably the best day hike close to Perth! This 15km/5hr return hike in the Darling Ranges features a variety of scenery, great views from twin peaks and is a fairly challenging section of the Bibbulmun Track.

The trail starts at Sullivan Rock which is a giant granite rock covered in delicate moss, a real delight at sunrise, so I encourage you to get started early. Follow the rock cairns over Sullivans until you get to the intersection, at this point go straight to continue on the Bibbulmun to Mt Vincent. A short trek along a bush path leads you to the first climb of this hike, Mt Vincent. The views to the South West during the ascent are stunning and worth stopping for. Not too far up the trail you will reach the peak, which doesn’t have a great viewing platform so continue on towards Mt Cuthbert. Not too far into the decent you will be surrounded by lush Jarrah & Ghost Gum forest filled with banksias and grasstrees, on a cold wet day this valley feels quite mystical! The scenery continues on this trail as you start your next ascent, Mt Cuthbert, the rock cairns will lead you to the impeccable views of this peaks’ rocky summit! From here it is another steep but relatively short decent back on the trail that will eventually lead you to the Monadnocks Campsite. To return you can retrace your steps making this a four peak hike or follow the 4×4 track back to Sullivans.

It is very rare you get the sense of accomplishment from climbing two mountains, which makes this part of the Bibbulmun Track a real treat! The easy to follow trail from Sullivans to Monadnocks gets the big Off The Beaten Track tick of approval as a great Perth day hike!

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