1. What do you enjoy most about being a hiking guide?

It’s great to take people out who are like-minded in loving outdoors/hiking and seeing how much they love the experience! Guiding those and encouraging people who sometimes would not be able to go, but always wanted to or didn’t think they could do it!

2. How did you become interested in hiking and outdoor adventures?

Always loved the outdoors and being amongst the bush/nature as it’s so calming. Hiking and outdoor adventure is sometimes a challenge and I love the challenge to experience new things and places!

3. What is your favourite hiking destination/trail & why?

Too Many! I have 3 – In Perth; Mount Cooke & Paruna Sanctuary. Winter especially as it feels quite mystical amongst the scenery with light drizzle and cloud! South West, Stirling Range just the drive in is magical looking at the Range! Bluff Knoll its always a challenge but every time you climb the view somewhat changes with the weather.

4. Share a memorable experience you’ve had at OTBT while guiding a tour.

So many…… But one …. Being a tail guide on a Dwellingup Trains tour and helping a lady through a very tough day as she lost her friend the day before and didn’t know if she could or even should of come. She nearly turned around driving to the tour, but was so glad she did attend. She shed some tears talking to me about it, and struggled to get to the end but I encourage and stayed by her side to get her there. Her thank you at the end was so warm and heart felt and I know by coming to that hike that day she felt somewhat better for those few hours.

5. How do you stay connected with nature & the outdoors when you’re not guiding tours?

I love to venture out, find new trails with friends or if I’m on my own I find a trail I’m comfortable with and go for a jog!

6. Share a fun fact or hidden talent most people don’t know about you.

I’ve got no fun facts or hidden talents, BUT…my talents are hairdressing & a quintessential Forrest Gump – just keep running!

7. Share your favourite hiking tip/advice for those embarking on their first hiking adventure!

Start with an easy trail to ease into the different terrain. Always be prepared and check weather conditions, always tell someone where you are going if hiking by yourself and take appropriate safety equipment. Enjoy, explore as nothing beats being off the beaten track for the mind, body and soul!

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