End of Cathedral Ave, Brigadoon

2km Riverwalk Trail & 3.5km Goat Trail


Bells Rapids definitely ticks the box as a family friendly (and dog friendly) trail. This 5.5Km loop trail commences by crossing the bridge at the end of Cathedral Ave and is made up of the 2Km Riverwalk Trail & 3.5Km Goat Trail.

Three things you can expect from Bells:

That spectacular scenery!

This trail will provide you with views over the Swan Valley to the coast and the city in the distance combined with lush green grassey riverbanks and rocky rapids. I highly recommend stopping for a picnic along the way on one of the giant granite rocks in the middle of the Swan river and take it all in.

It’s a popular spot!

It’s not hard to see why Bells Rapids is a popular spot, however if the thing you like about hiking is the tranquility and being able to escape the world in nature then maybe this isn’t the ideal trail for you. Be prepared to see lots of other families and their furbabies!

Gettin’ wet!

Ok, so maybe not everyone will get wet and muddy but we sure did! On our way back along the Riverwalk Trail we decided to challenge ourselves to find a way to cross the rapids. Discovering there wasn’t really a way to do this and stay dry (other than the bridge) we decided to just walk across! The kids thought this was awesome and it made for lots of giggles and a great way to finish our WA Day adventure!