Whistlepipe Gully


Start Point: End of Lewis Rd, Forrestfield

Distance: 3.4 kms

Duration: 1-2 hours

Located in Mundy Regional Park in the Perth Hills, the Whistlepipe Gully Trail will leave you feeling like you’ve just discovered an enchanted forest! The scenery on this hike is very pretty with the banks of the gully lined with lush green foliage, paper-bark trees and a variety of wildflowers. Whilst enjoying the sound of the water cascading downstream you will come across a granite outcrop and the ruins of an old house built right on the edge of the gully. These ruins are quite intriguing and definitely make this short family friendly & dog friendly trail very unique!

Whistlepipe Gully is a stunning 3.5km Perth hiking trail that commences at the end of Lewis Rd in Forestfield. There is only a small car park here and in Winter and Spring the trail is very popular so unless you’re early, expect to be parking a couple of hundred metres down the street. As you follow the trail along side the creek you’ll soon reach a giant granite outcrop with water cascading down it on your left, this is a great place to stop and explore as you can get quite close to the water’s edge here and it is very picturesque. After crossing the gully on the bridge you continue down the left hand side of the stream to the ruins.

These old concrete foundations are from the mysterious Wallace Greenham House that once stood here. Wallace Greenham was the outstanding and innovative architect that built this fascinating house in 1963. The house was built in a Japanese inspired style of architecture called Organic Architecture which means to promote harmony between habitation and the natural world. Wallace incorporated the granite boulders in its structure had connecting walkways across the stream.

Descriptions of the house included trees growing up through the floor, sloped roofing with raw timber beams, suspended walkways with the central feature being the rushing water of the stream. It sounded like a mysterious place of beauty and magic surrounded by this magical little valley and the gorgeous Whistlepipe Gully.

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