Yanchep Ghost House Trail


Start Point: Yanchep National Park

Distance: 12.4kms

Duration: 2-3 hours

Hiking in the Spring time is brilliant, especially when the trail takes you through a sea of blooming acacia’s, which is exactly what you’ll get on the Yanchep Ghost House Trail!

This 12.4km relatively easy loop trail in Yanchep National Park begins by following the Wetlands Walk Trail that surrounds the very scenic Loch McNess. After approximately 1km the trail branches off and you will start to feel yourself being immersed into the parks wilderness as you hike through jarrah and tuart woodlands. Before long the woodlands morph with the introduction of wandoo trees and a combination of coastal and native plants, and gorgeous wildflowers within every view.

Following the yellow triangle markers along the sandy limestone bush track will soon lead you to the historic remains of the ‘Ghost House’. This unique feature is the ruins of an old abandoned house that has been taken over by vines, moss, grasses and other plants. Continuing on the trail you will soon reach Shapcotts Hut – a great place to camp for the night and gaze at the stars! A short diversion from here down a narrow trail will take you to a limestone cliff and cave, which is quite impressive and definitely worth exploring. The features don’t end here, towards the end of the trail you will come across a couple of old disused World War II bunkers which will certainly leave you curious.

The colourful backdrop of the wildflower rich woodlands and interesting features of the Yanchep Ghost House Trail are quite impressive and definitely make this hike a really delightful experience Off The Beaten Track!

Yanchep Ghost House Trail20

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