About Us

Welcome to Off The Beaten Track WA (OTBT), where adventure meets connection, and nature becomes your playground.

We are not just your ordinary hiking experience and adventure tour operator in Perth – we are the award-winning pioneers who redefine what it means to explore the great outdoors.

With a multitude of inclusive, and downright thrilling experiences, OTBT invites people from all walks of life to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Brace yourself for the exceptional as we unveil the hidden gems that lie off the well-trodden path. From the breathtaking rugged coastal beauty to the enchanting embrace of ancient forests, we have curated an array of adventures that will leave you spellbound.

Picture yourself kayaking through pristine waters, feeling the refreshing mist of cascading waterfalls, or soaring high in the treetops, embracing the world from a whole new perspective. Our fully supported environment ensures that every step of your journey is filled with awe-inspiring moments, letting go of worries and allowing yourself to be grounded and empowered by the wonders of nature.

Whether you seek the thrill of a rugged multi-day trek along Western Australia’s world-class long-distance trails or prefer a weekend escape that showcases the very best a region has to offer, OTBT has you covered. We cater to all tastes and preferences, offering Hike, Wine & Dine Experiences for those who appreciate the finer things in life, as well as microadventures for those who find beauty in simplicity. Our diversity knows no bounds, but there’s one thing you can count on: every experience with us will enrich your life in ways you never imagined.

At OTBT, we are driven by our passion to provide quality, unique, and unforgettable nature-based experiences. We take our commitment to the environment seriously, embracing best practices to ensure we leave only footprints of inspiration and admiration. Your journey with us is not just about exploration; it’s about forging a deep connection with nature and leaving a minimal footprint as we navigate this precious planet together.

Join us on a quest to discover the extraordinary. Off The Beaten Track WA awaits, ready to ignite your sense of adventure, awaken your spirit, and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s embark on this remarkable journey together.

Restore your soul now, through connection to nature, to others and yourself with one of our experiences!

Our Story

Once upon a time, in the enchanting land of Serpentine, a courageous soul named Tracy embarked on a transformative journey—a hike like no other!

Trapped in the mundane cycle of the corporate world, Tracy yearned for a harmonious existence, struggling to find equilibrium between work and life. As she ascended the towering Baldwins Bluff, her body weary and her spirit faltering, she pondered the profound question: “What am I truly doing with my life?”

Yet, upon reaching the summit and beholding the breathtaking vistas of Serpentine Falls, a revelation unfurled within her being. In that exquisite moment, Tracy discovered her sanctuary, her blissful refuge.

In the years that followed, Tracy immersed herself in the world of hiking, spending countless weekends traversing the trails of Perth. It became her all-consuming passion, a flame that burned brightly within her heart. Fuelled by an unwavering desire to share the transcendent joy of hiking, she took to the digital realm, birthing a Facebook page named Off The Beaten Track—a virtual portal to her expeditions and a wellspring of hiking knowledge. And lo and behold, it swiftly captured the hearts of many (thank you, dear friends!).

But it wasn’t long before Tracy’s devoted followers yearned to embark on their own adventures, craving the camaraderie and companionship of kindred spirits. And so, Tracy had a brilliant epiphany—group hikes! The trails became a canvas upon which she painted unforgettable memories, showcasing the beauty of nature and the boundless wonders it bestows. This was her calling, a purpose that ignited her very soul!

In a whirlwind of passion and determination, just three months later, the seeds of OTBTWA and the “Hiking Experience” were sown, blooming in the radiant September of 2017. The growth of this extraordinary endeavour over the past six years has been nothing short of miraculous, and it is all thanks to you, dear souls who have joined me on this awe-inspiring odyssey. Together, we have transformed dreams into reality, forging an unbreakable bond that shall endure for eternity.

Our Mission:

To provide exceptional hiking experiences and adventure tours, in an environmentally sustainable way, that enrich the lives of others.


Sharing nature and enriching lives

Our Core Values:

Off The Beaten Track WA acknowledges and respects the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to the land we hike, the waters we kayak and communities we explore.

We would like to acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torre Strait Islander people and pay our respects to their ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging.

Through our connection to nature and country we aim to provide a better understanding and respect and appreciation for Australia’s cultural heritage.

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