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Discover a new dimension of team building and rejuvenation with our tailored Corporate Hiking Experiences at Off The Beaten Track WA. Our curated adventures transcend the traditional office setting, offering your team an opportunity to explore Perth’s captivating landscapes while fostering camaraderie, resilience, and a deeper connection with nature. From invigorating trails to customized wellness sessions, our corporate packages are designed to elevate team spirit, revitalize workplace dynamics, and leave lasting impressions. Join us as we redefine team building through the invigorating power of nature’s embrace.

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Promotes Health and Well-being

Physical activity is an essential aspect of hiking tours, promoting a healthier lifestyle among employees. Walking in nature not only improves physical fitness but also supports mental well-being by reducing stress levels and increasing overall happiness. Encouraging wellness initiatives can positively impact employee satisfaction and engagement.

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Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Team hiking fosters open communication and collaboration in a natural environment, breaking down barriers and encouraging relaxed, informal interactions. This facilitates improved communication skills and cultivates stronger bonds among colleagues, enhancing team dynamics significantly.

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Boosts Morale and Motivation

Being outdoors, away from the usual office setting, can rejuvenate employees and boost morale. The physical activity involved in hiking releases endorphins, reducing stress and enhancing mood. A positive and refreshed mindset can lead to increased motivation and productivity once back in the workplace.

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Develops Leadership Skills

Hiking tours provide opportunities for employees to take on leadership roles. Encouraging individuals to lead segments of the hike or make decisions collectively empowers them to develop leadership skills, decision-making abilities, and problem-solving techniques. These skills can be valuable in the workplace when managing teams or projects.

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Promotes Trust and Teamwork

Facing challenges, navigating trails, and overcoming obstacles during a hike can build trust among team members. Individuals learn to rely on each other’s strengths, fostering a sense of teamwork and mutual support. This shared experience can translate into the workplace, where trust and collaboration are essential for success.

Proudly Trusted By

The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research launched a series of charity treks called Perkins Tough Treks at the beginning of 2024. This series if treks aim to raising funds for research into Australia’s toughest diseases including cancer, heart disease & diabetes and rare genetic diseases.

We decided to partner with Off the Beaten Track for these events due to their reputation in WA as being the leading/best company at hosting one-day treks as well as having achieved a number of recent awards and accolades for their professionalism and inclusion. We knew we were in safe hands.

Tracy was super easy to deal with, right from the confirmation of our partnership, right the way through to event day and beyond. She was always very responsive, provided me with all of the information and documentation that we required promptly and even helped us build the event website with useful photo and video content as well as event descriptions and mapping.
On the day of the event, Ashley and the team of guides from OTBT were organised, fun, professional and played a huge role in providing our fundraisers with the best possible experience to ensure they received the first class event experience that their fundraising efforts deserved, they even helped us to tidy up our post-event picnic!
Overall, I could not be happier with the Harry Perkins x OTBT partnership and look forward to running many more Perkins Tough Trek events in the future together.

– John Springate (Harry Perkins Institute)

Took part in a private Star Grazing Event walking from the South Ledge picnic area overlooking Mundaring Weir. Beautiful ‘golden hour’ hiking and sunset viewing with work colleagues followed by delicious nibbles, drinks and star gazing once the sun set. A wonderful activity for team building and to celebrate a special colleague’s retirement. The OTBT Team were fabulous and had thought of everything – even running a diversion to enable us to surprise our guest of honour when she arrived. Now I’m super keen to try some more OTBT experiences!

– Robyn J 

I feel privileged to be writing this testimonial for Off the Beaten Track (OTBT) and all of those on Tracy’s team who helped us achieve an amazing adventurous experience for our participants. We found OTBT incredibly easy to work with and they took all our KPI’s on board when designing our bespoke adventure. Not only were all our participants treated to world-class service and equipment, but they had their imaginations feed whilst being cared for 24/7.

Our mandate at First Hike Project Inc is to provide overnight hiking and camping adventures for newly arrived youth from refugee backgrounds. There are many personal, physical, and cultural needs that must be considered when planning an event involving this cohort and OTBT managed to achieve excellence in this arena. We are happy to report that, not only did the event go ahead without any incident or emergency whilst tackling a variety of peaks and walks in the Stirling Ranges, but we heard such amazing feedback about the insight this gave our participants into their new home country.

First Hike Project believes that hiking is a great way to break down any perceived or real barriers between groups of people, creating greater connections between participants, volunteers, guides, and this wonderful country. The immersive hiking experience allows participants to strengthen their connection to Australia and ultimately to feel more at home here, integrating them in a unique way to the fabric of Australian social, economic, and civil life. Hiking is a new experience for these young people, and participants go on to develop greater resilience in navigating their new home and lives, expanding their networks, and taking up new new opportunities including potential employment.

We would like to thank Off the Beaten Track for coming along on this journey and welcoming our participants in the same way we do.

– Neil (Owner & Founder – First Hike Project)

Tracy and her team were able to respond to our brief and develop outdoor events empowering women to invest in themselves, to learn new skills and feel confident to undertake long distance hikes in the wilderness. Tracy helps people to go where they seek to go. Reaching the end of the trail is only one way to look at it, and impossible just an opinion.  

– Pascal, Shire of Serpentine, Jarrahdale

Where do I start!! We were met by Tracy and Heidi who were delightful and friendly, loading us into the van for a 3hr drive from
Perth city centre to start our walk! Great music on the bus. Amazing views, the walks were perfect and in my mind they also managed to get the weather perfect. First day really hot as we walked along the coast line…doing 4 days of what can be a 7 day cape to cape walk. Heidi was our walking guide and was so knowledgeable about the flora and fauna as well as the history of the areas we walked. This continued for the following 4 days.

The accommodation provided was clean and food great. Cocktails were yummy, managed to get my favourite porn star Martini’s. Breakfast was provided in a hamper for the time we were there. Lunch provided by Off the Beaten Track hit the spot on each day. We were all ready for the varied food we had each evening. Then a stop at a vineyard that only sold as cellar door or online, so I loved that, supporting small business…Redgate winery, Ray, the owner a gem.

Then the final walk, culminating in what was a pleasant surprise that I’m not going to disclose so that you too enjoy it when you book Off The Beaten Track. If you want to do the walk and if you are alone or with a group, contact Tracey and I’m certain she’ll accommodate you. She’s fab…support this local business, I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Enjoy. I did.”

– Peggy, ANZEF (Read more ANZEF testimonials here!)

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