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Tracy is the founder and lead guide for Off The Beaten Track WA and has a huge passion for getting people outdoors!

Tracy’s background is in marketing and events and loves being creative with nature and trails to bring you unique hiking experiences.

Tracy loves the energy of the Stirling Ranges, the coastline of the Cape to Cape track and the mammoth Karri trees in Pemberton. But nothing beats exploring in her own backyard, with her favourite Perth trails being Kitty’s Gorge and Mt Cooke.

Tracy and Andrew recently completed 8 days hiking the Overland Track in Tasmania. The rugged mountainous terrain was incredibly scenic, challenging but totally amazing!

“My favourite adventures have been my Cape to Cape end to end in Dec 2018, The Grampians Peaks trail in June 2019, the very recent Stirling Ridge Walk in Sept 2019 and of course Overland Track Tasmania in December 2019 – all of which have been alongside my amazing partner Andrew. The Ridge really tested me but I loved that sense of achievement from conquering WA’s most extreme hike!”



Andrew has been with OTBT from the very start as Tail End Charlie and now Leads some of his favourite Western Australian trails such as the Cape to Cape Track!

Andrew is incredibly talented at the technical, artistic and lighting stuff and utilises these skills by bringing the WOW to OTBT events.

Andrew has always loved the outdoors and spent his 20s cycling through many UK hillsides. After arriving in WA, his love of road cycling morphed to a passion for mountain biking, hiking and camping.

His sense of adventure has led Andrew to Mt Snowden and the Black Mountains in Wales, the Grampians in Victoria, Cape to Cape, Overland Track in Tasmania and the Stirling Ranges here in Western Australia.

He will soon be adding some Karajini trails to his long list of hiking achievements or rather crossing it off his long bucket list of hiking goals!



Aubrey first developed her fervor for the outdoors as a child, roaming the trails and mountains of Upstate New York with her family, and into her teen years with friends and colleagues.

In her first 4 years as an outdoor adventure guide at a kids summer camp, she began to see the wonderful benefits of bringing people together to immerse in nature.

After moving to WA, she has wandered many of the wonderful trails along WA’s coastline and camped in the beautiful parks of the stunning and serene Aussie bush.

Aubrey truly believes that the best experiences in life come from exploring together outside and she’s loves sharing her knowledge and passion of outdoor recreation, yoga and meditation with Off the Beaten Track WA.



At the age of 23 Lou went overseas, and conquered Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This hike really wet her appetite for overnight hikes.

Since then some of her biggest achievements have been:- Kepler Track (NZ), Thorsborne Trail (Qld), The Overland Track (Tas), The Teton Crest Trail (Rocky Mountains – USA).

She really enjoys spending any free time exploring the Perth Hills and the WA South West Region and loves meeting new people on hikes with Off The Beaten Track WA.

“I absolutely love the Stirling Ranges and have hiked most of the peaks with my three small children. My husband and I have just returned from an end to end on the Cape to Cape Track and it was just spectacular!”

Lou has been with the team since 2018 and now is leading groups on her favourite WA trail – the Cape to Cape track in the South West Region!



Born and raised in the gravel and gums of WA’s beautiful Perth Hills, Claire is a nature lover and adventurous spirit.

Claire enjoys exploring the worlds natural landscapes either by foot or by packing up her lunch and hopping on a bike for a peddling style adventure!

Some of her favourite adventures so far include hiking the Cape to Cape Track and The Murchison River in Kalbarri, as well as cycling The Ring of Kerry in Ireland.
Claire has a background in sport and a passion for all things movement and physical activity, especially when it comes to hitting the dance floor! 

When she is not hiking with the team at Off The Beaten Track WA, Claire is also yoga teacher and enjoys combining her love of mindful movement and meditation with nature.
She finds that the best medicine for calming the mind is to head into a forest with some yummy snacks and find a nice big rock to sit on and ponder life!



Michelle Ryan is walkingtwobytwo, a Western Australian hiker that has hiked many a trail throughout the world and especially here in her homeland of Australia, favouring the long distance trails!

She is a Freelance Writer, a published Author and
Documentarian; having much of her work in numerous magazines throughout the world and also online.

Michelle produced a documentary, Bibbulmun Journeys, in 2018 on the 1003km Bibbulmun Track that showcases its beauty and the people who love it, walk it and care for it.

In 2018 she published her first Guidebook, The Capes and in 2019 she published her second book, Feed the Hike, a book about sustaining your hike through Mind, Body and Diet. Recently Michelle also launched her hiking meals business Feed the Hike – which you’ll get to sample on some of OTBT’s overnight and multi-day experiences!

“In my life my hope is to encourage more people to get outside and experience nature and explore what this world really has to offer us other than what is in our immediate surroundings.”

Michelle leads the OTBT multi-day hikes in Perth, South West & great Southern Regions so you’ll be sure to see her along the Bibbulmun Track and Cape to Cape!



“Keeping fit and exploring the great outdoors has been my escape all my life. Growing up on 40 acres in country NSW has given me a deep love and appreciation of the Australian bush. Getting the blood pumping, heart rate racing while soaking in the smells, sounds and sights of nature leaves me feeling more grateful and better equipped to face the challenges that come into life.

I’ve been an avid mountain biker for the last 16 years and completed many endurance events, my favourites been the Cape to Cape, 24hr Scott in Canberra, the Karri Cup 100km race and Dusk till Dawn 12hr team event.

Over the last few years I’ve had an opportunity to guide and introduce people to the wonderful world of mountain biking, and now hiking! Watching people discover the bush, conquer their fears and find a sense of physical achievement is incredibly satisfying.

A trip to America a few years back introduced me to the joys of hiking and I’m so thrilled to be part of this amazing team and share experiences such as the Cape to Cape with others.

Serpentine is my local and I’ll often be found escaping out there for some physical and mental therapy!”



Scott, otherwise known as “Mountain Man” is most at home in nature and in particularly the Stirling Range.

Over the past 20 years Scott has ventured up on the the Stirling Ridge walk over 30 times and most recently guided Tracy & Andrew up there for one epic adventure!

When he isn’t Guiding for OTBT he enjoys climbing in the Porongurups and at Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs.

With a military background, Scott brings with him amazing knowledge of emergency procedures and communications which are an asset to the team.

Don’t let the dreadlock fool you – Scott is a gentle soul who can often be found meditating by a flowing stream or on a granite outcrop, being at one with nature!



Originally from NSW Clint found his passion for hiking through the trails of the Blue Mountains where he would holiday as a child.

He has always been passionate about health and fitness and loves inspiring people to achieve their fitness goals.

Clint has completed 5 half Ironman triathlons and one full Ironman completed in 12.5hrs. He has also run many marathons and ultra marathons with one of his greatest achievements being 100km at Ultra Trails Australia in the Blue Mountains in 2019.

In 2016 Clint started Manning Trail Runner community running group to encourage hikers, joggers and runners from all ages groups and abilities. He has also achieved Level 1 Recreational running coach status with Athletics Australia and has studied Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness to become a personal trainer.

Clint’s favourite trails are in the Stirling Ranges and the hills at Wungong in Perth and you’ll catch him leading the OTBT Endurance HIkes with great enthusiasm and energy!

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Nyrelle is the newest Hiking Guide to join our team. Nyrelle grew up in Albany in the Great Southern Region and has fond memories of spending time on the family farm, bush walks, bike rides, exploring the local beaches, and making cubby houses in local bushland with her friends!

Over the years Nyrelle has had a go at numerous outdoor activities and sports. Kayaking, surfing, triathlon, mountain biking, hiking, and has enjoyed some of these with her husband and 3 children.

Her #wanderlust has now led to overnight and multi-day hikes along the Bibbulmun with her favourite section so far being Balingup to Donnelly River through undulating hills and forest! Stirling Range National Park is also one of her favourite places with Mt Toolbrunup being the most challenging, yet most spectacular hike she’s completed so far!

Not only is her aspiration to complete the Bibbulmun track, she also has the Munda Biddi MTB trail on her ‘bucket’ list along with her ultimate dream to hike to base camp Mt Everest for her 50th birthday.

“I’m so thankful to have found the team at OTBT. I feel like this is where I’m meant to be!”



Sarah grew up in the Adelaide Hills, roaming the bush and riding horses on weekends which gave her a huge love for the outdoors! As a family they spent holidays camping and hiking from the Flinders Ranges to Kangaroo Island, the Grampians in Victoria, and the Coorong, just to name a few.

As an adult, Sarah has continued that journey, having completed many multi-day hikes in Australia and New Zealand. “I can’t even pick a favourite, they have all given me so much. My biggest challenge was undoubtedly the Stirling Range Ridge Walk! The terrain, the navigation, water issues were difficult but rewarded with views and scenes beyond my expectations.“

Like most of us, she has an endless ‘bucket list’ of hikes including completing sectional end to end of the Bibbulmun, Murchison Gorge, the Overland, more Great Walks in New Zealand, The Mont Blanc Circuit and GR10 in France.

Sarah’s background is as a practising Physiotherapist where she spends much of her time encouraging people to get active in the outdoors. “Bush Walking ticks lots of boxes for recovery from all sorts of problems.”

Sarah lives in the Perth hills with her husband, daughter and dogs, Molly and Max and loves nothing better than stepping out her door into the bush!

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Meet Jody! Whether it be cycling, hiking, or scuba-diving, Jody believes the journey is always more important than the destination, much like everything else in life.

Jody grew up roaming the coasts and caves of Borneo Island and came to Australia at the age of 17 hungry for more adventure. Since then she has explored many beautiful places within Australia and around the world and has fond memories especially of the picturesque mountains in Japan and New Zealand, trekking through scenic National Parks in China, sitting on the warm sands of an underwater volcano in Indonesia, as well as night-diving with giant trevally at the Great Barrier Reef.

One of her recent achievements includes conquering Mt Toolbrunup in the great Stirling Range, however she can never get enough of the local trails and delightful waterfalls of the Perth Hills and its surroundings – especially during the wildflower season in the winter months.

When not underwater or somewhere in the bush or on a mountain, Jody can be found in a classroom teaching English language to international students.

Jody is a firm believer of the benefits of being immersed in nature and hopes that everyone can remember to occasionally take a step back from the rat race and take a deep breath as they take in the wonders of Mother Natures creations.



Amy is one of our newest recruits and despite her young age brings with her a multitude of adventures. Growing up in Perth she’s tried her hand at surfing, snorkelling, biking, hiking, kayaking…basically anything that involves the great outdoors! 

Her passion for hiking grew whilst living in Canada for three years where she was able to tackle some beautiful hikes in Banff and Jasper National Park including Sentinnel Pass, Mt Robson and Panorama Ridge. 

Closer to home Amy loves hiking the Cape to Cape and exploring everything WA’s Northwest has to offer; camping along the Gibb, snorkelling Ningaloo and of course catching one of our beautiful sunsets from a beachside location!

Amy looks forward to seeing you on a SUP or Kayaking adventure over the Summer or deep in the forest next Winter hiking with OTBT!



Meet Mikey, he was Born and raised in Perth WA, and has a strong connection to the Australian bush and country being built from many years as a child traveling, camping and hiking around Australia. “I’ve always felt such a strong and calming connection while being out in the Aussi bush, as far back as I can remember I’ve always had this need to adventure, be it going caving, climbing a mountain or hiking to very isolated locations just to see what’s there!!”

Mikey has just recently completed the Cape to Cape trail, a trail he has been wanting to complete for a very long time however his most prized hiking achievement is hiking a 100km stretch of the Murchison River through the Kalbarri cliffs and gorges. This was one of his scariest and daunting hikes to date, but also one of the most exciting and liberating moments of his life. “Being out there was the most isolated I have ever felt, knowing there is no one around you for km’s on end and also knowing that once your in there, in the gorge, the only way out is through, was pretty challenging to wrap my head around, but also made me much more of a stronger person and it’s why I do what I do and why I will continue doing it”

His favourite local hikes are Ellis Brook Valley, and Kitty’s Gorge in winter and can often be found chilling out and meditating by a stream or catching a sunset from the top of 60ft falls. He also enjoys snorkelling and kayaking especially around Penguin Island and Point Peron. Even though he is a Perth local Mikey feels most at home down south in the forests in Walpole and Denmark surrounded by the giant Tingle trees and finds this area to be one of the most spiritual places in W.A to recharge and unwind.

One of Mikey’s dreams for the future is to teach outdoor recreation to teenagers, which is something he wishes he had access to as a young teenager “being a teenager was pretty tough for me, if I had something like outdoor recreation to do in school it may have made it easier as not all kids that age are interested in the generic schooling activities. I’d love to give kids that may not have interests in the ‘normal’ school things but might be keen to go on a hike, a fair go. Everyone deserves to have a chance at enjoying school, and if I can help just one kid doing it tough by sharing my passion for the outdoors with them, than that would make me happy”. Mikey also wants to one day complete a unsupported solo end to end on The Bibbulmun track.

Mikey cant wait to meet you on the trails soon and hopes he can share his love for the Aussi bush with you and can show you all the beauty WA has to offer.



Heidi’s passion for hiking/trekking and climbing mountains commenced at the age of 19 when with her Mother she climbed New Zealand’s Mt Ruapheu.

The last 14 years Heidi has spent most holidays pursuing many of the world’s multi day treks with her husband as well as some high altitude mountaineering. with epic feats such as Milford Track, Inca Trail Machu Pichu, Mont Blanc Summit and Overland Track to name a few, Heidi is well versed in adventurer!

It is fair to say Heidi loves the spirit and energy that comes from immersing oneself in nature and is passionate about sharing with others the healing and calming effects of our great outdoors.

With a big bubbly personality, caring nature and love for the outdoors, Heidi is a great asset to the team and we know you’ll love having a chat to her along the trails!

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From a young age, Maddie had a passion for the great outdoors. Many school holidays were spent at adventurous WA locations – Ningaloo, Karijini National Park, and Rottnest Island, which only fuelled her adventurous passion further. Coupled with an excitement for learning about the natural environment, Maddie studied Coastal and Marine Science at university.
These studied led her to some remote, yet amazing, locations including camping on the uninhabited Delambre Island while monitoring nesting sea turtles, living and working in the Kimberleys on a pearl farm 200km north of Broome and monitoring nesting sea turtles while based in Exmouth.
In the winter months, Maddie enjoys hitting the trails with the Numbat Trail at Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary being one of her favourites. In the summer months, you can find Maddie at the beach – snorkelling, scuba diving or surfing.
Keen to share her outdoorsy passion with others, Maddie is currently studying a Cert III in Outdoor Leadership.