Meet Mikey, he was Born and raised in Perth WA, and has a strong connection to the Australian bush and country built from many years travelling around Australia as a child. “I’ve always felt such a strong and calming connection while being out in the Aussie bush, as far back as I can remember I’ve always had this need to adventure, be it going caving, climbing a mountain or hiking to very isolated locations just to see what’s there!!”

Mikey has just recently completed the Cape to Cape end to end however his most prized hiking achievement is hiking a 100km stretch of the Murchison River through the Kalbarri cliffs and gorges. This was one of his scariest and daunting hikes to date, but also one of the most exciting and liberating moments of his life. “Being out there was the most isolated I have ever felt, knowing there is no one around you for km’s on end and also knowing that once your in there, in the gorge, the only way out is through, was pretty challenging to wrap my head around, but also made me much more of a stronger person and it’s why I do what I do and why I will continue doing it”

His favourite local hikes are Ellis Brook Valley, and Kitty’s Gorge in winter and can often be found chilling out and meditating by a stream or catching a sunset from the top of 60ft falls. He also enjoys snorkelling and kayaking especially around Penguin Island and Point Peron. Even though he is a Perth local Mikey feels most at home down south in the forests in Walpole and Denmark surrounded by the giant Tingle trees and finds this area to be one of the most spiritual places in WA to recharge and unwind.

One of Mikey’s dreams for the future is to teach outdoor recreation to teenagers, which is something he wishes he had access to as a young teenager “being a teenager was pretty tough for me, if I had something like outdoor recreation to do in school it may have made it easier as not all kids that age are interested in the generic schooling activities. I’d love to give kids that may not have interests in the ‘normal’ school things but might be keen to go on a hike, a fair go.

Mikey cant wait to show you all the beauty WA bush has to offer.

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