I started hiking with my dog as a way to maintain a recent weight loss and for the escapism. I soon realised that while solo hiking is great, occasionally it can be too individual and the dog was useless to chat to. So I looked into the group thing for the social aspect of meeting like minded people and found OTBT.

My story with OTBT began in April 2022 as a guest on the Dwellingup Treetops Adventure Hike. Without understanding, I was about to meet the most wonderful bunch of people (nearly the entire team from OTBT) at the one event. After just this one activity I was hooked on group hiking, the entire group was so inviting, engaging, motivating and friendly that it just felt like home, since then I have joined OTBT practically every weekend.

I love being on the track as it gives me an immense feeling of freedom, you get ALL the health benefits and more than anything else have a really great experience with some beautiful people. I have loved making the awesome connections with everyone I’ve met this far in and eagerly await all that is yet to come ahead, maybe one day I’ll be fortunate enough to meet you too.

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