The Truth Behind Endurance Hikes

Trail Tales: Endurance Hike Testimonials Embarking on a journey through the great outdoors is not just a physical feat but a transformative experience that pushes the boundaries of our endurance and resilience. In the world of hiking, there exists a unique breed of adventurers who seek not just the thrill of conquering peaks, but the […]

Bluff Knoll – a challenging yet rewarding hike

View of the Bluff Knoll summit from the start of the hiking trail.

Bluff Knoll or Pualaar Miial in the Stirling Ranges is the highest peak in the South West of Western Australia. It stands tall and proud at 1,099 metres above sea level. You’ll find this mountain just over an hour outside of Albany and approximately 4.5hrs south of Perth. It’s most delightful claim to fame: The […]

Abyssinia Rock

Abyssinia Rock is a hidden gem on the Bibbulmun Track and a real a treat to explore! This 11km/3hr trail begins by taking you uphill through dense jarrah and she-oak bushland, filled with grass trees, banksias and a variety of wildflowers. After a couple of kms the trail narrows and starts to wind across a […]

Baldwins Bluff

Just over a year ago I discovered this local gem Baldwins Bluff! From this point forward my love of hiking was born. Departing from Serpentine National Park, follow the trail markers along the gravel 4×4 track until you come to a T junction, at this point turn right and head up hill. It doesn’t take […]

Bells Rapids Walk Trail

If you’re looking for a short loop trail that gets the blood pumping whilst offering spectacular scenery – Bells Rapids is the one for you! Bells Rapids is a great beginner trail and is both family friendly and dog friendly! This hike provides spectacular scenery with views over the Darling Scarp, Swan Coastal Plain and […]

Dell to South Ledge

Dell to South Ledge is a relatively easy 9km loop trail in Beelu National Park. Made up of sections of the Munda Biddi and Bibbulmun track, this circuit takes you through Jarrah and White Gum woodlands filled with banksias and ferns, and finishes with a short trek through an old pine plantation which adds a […]

Eagle View Walk Trail

The Eagle View Walk Trail in John Forrest National Park is 15kms of pure hiking gold! Starting at the Rangers Station the trail takes you alongside Jane Brook, underneath the Railway and down to the National Park Falls via a wildflower lined trail which is truly superb. The National Park Falls are a treasure in […]


The Echidna trail in Walyunga National Park is a gorgeous 10km/3hr loop that definitely gets the blood pumping! Following the black footprint trail markers, the Echidna trail starts off by following the scenic Avon River to Syd’s Rapids. The sound of the water crashing past the rocks is something I could sit and listen to […]

Jarrahdale Railway Heritage Trail

If you’re in the market for a new bumper, muffler, wheelchair, tyres, umbrella or kitchen sink then you will find these items and many more on the Jarrahdale Railway Heritage Trail! This 8km trail starts at the corner of Nettleton Rd and Jarrahdale Rd and takes you through jarrah and wandoo bushland, along the disused […]

Kitty’s Gorge

Kitty’s Gorge is one of my favourite hikes and really does have it all! This 16Km return hike follows the Gooralong Brook and Serpentine River so you can expect to see plenty of waterfalls, granite outcrops (great for some rock hopping), lush jarrah forests, an old pine plantation, an abandoned farm cottage plus so much […]

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