Discover the Bibbulmun

The Bibbulmun (Bib) Track stretches 1003 kms from Kalamunda to Albany and is Western Australia’s longest walking trail.

With over 200 kilometres of jarrah, marri and wandoo forest filled with granite outcrops and boulders, the Darling Range section of the Bibbulmun Track is a very special place!

We absolutely love our ‘Discover the Bibbulmun’ series which gives you various options to explore the Bibbulmun with experienced and knowledgeable hiking Guides.

Off The Beaten Track WA’s Hiking Guides are real hikers with a passion for the outdoors and people. We provide a safe, relaxed yet professional atmosphere for you, so you can totally immerse yourself in the outdoors.

All our Hiking Experiences are all-inclusive, from gourmet platters or trail snacks, to hiking poles, we’ll take care of it for you so you can focus on immersing yourself in the beauty of the Bibbulmun.

Each section of the Bibbulmun has something of its own to offer and these hiking experiences bring you the highlights of each, including stunning forests and amazing views.

There’s also something for every kind of hiker from day trips to multi-day treks that include camping and local boutique accommodation, as well as transport and meals.

How are you going to experience the Bibbulmun?

Railway Dwellingup

Discover the Bibbulmun | Dwellingup to Etmilyn Hiking Experience

For hikers with an interest in local history, this section of the Bibbulmun Track takes you to Etmilyn Train Station deep in the Dwellingup State Forest. Etmilyn Train Station was first established in the early 1920’s as a steam locomotive watering point during Dwellingup’s timber era.

Hiking in from Dwellingup, we include an exploration of the station’s water tank foundations and the Etmilyn Forest comprising of jarrah, banksia, grass trees and marri eucalypts, and a variety of palms and ferns unique to this area of the Darling Range. So close to civilization yet so deep in nature!

This 20km hike has some great natural scenery, a combo of narrow windy trails and some 4×4 tracks combined with a dose of railway history to take you on a step back in time.

Discover the Bibbulmun | Kalamunda to Mundaring Hiking Experience

Kalamunda to Mundaring

The Kalamunda to Mundaring Weir section of the Bibbulmun Track features steep rocky terrain, flowing waters, granite boulders, picturesque views over the Mundaring Weir and Lake CY O’Connor plus amazing valley views all combined in a 19.5km hike. 

We’ll guide you along the Bibbulmun Track, through Piesse Brook and Paulls Valley as you take in the views of one the most difficult and scenic sections of this world class trail! The terrain on this section of the Bibbulmun is quite steep and rocky in parts but you will be well supported by Off The Beaten Track WA

Bibbulmun track hiking

Discover the Bibbulmun | Mundaring to Helena Hiking Experience

When you immerse yourself in the Bibbulmun beauty found in the Darling Ranges, it is easy to see why this trail is so highly regarded!

This 24km return hike begins at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre in Mundaring and guides you through to the newly rebuilt Helena Campsite through recovering Jarrah/Marri forest, lush forests of large eucalypts, bracken ferns, and grass trees and granite outcrops that overlook a Wandoo woodland nearby a creek.

Following the forests transition into beautiful Wandoo woodlands is the big ascent for the day up to Helena Campsite with views over the Helena River Valley and Lake CY O’Connor.

The Helena Campsite was re-opened on 28 June 2019 after being destroyed in a bushfire 18 months prior. This beautifully constructed shelter is made from rammed earth and offers impressive views as it overlooks the Helena River Valley! The perfect place to stop for lunch, admire the view and recharge before the hike back to Mundaring!

Discover the Bibbulmun | Sullivan Rock to Mt Cooke Hiking Experience

Discover the Bibbulmun Sullivan Rock to Mt Cooke Hiking Experience

A section of the Bibbulmun Track through the Darling Ranges, this 22km guided hike takes you to the top of Mt Cooke. At 582m above sea level, Mt Cooke is the highest peak in the Ranges.

To get there we’ll tackle Sullivan Rock first, then meander along an old railway through mixed forest of Jarrah, Banksia and Sheoak to the base of Mt Cooke where the fun really begins! As we traverse up the steep and rocky trail on the North side of Mt Cooke we will stop at many vantage points to take in the amazing views! An abundance of giant granite boulders and outcrops give this forest a mysterious feel! You will be rewarded for your efforts as you reach the summit, indicated by a giant rock cairn and ‘Cookie’! 

For the next 3kms you will be spoilt with spectacular views in every direction as you follow the undulating ridge line to the elusive Mt Cooke Cave. Here we will stop for a break to admire the views and recharge on a delicious and nutritious morning tea before our 11km hike back to Sullivan Rock!

monadnocks explore 1

Discover the Bibbulmun- Sullivan Rock to Mt Cuthbert Hike

Sullivan Rock to Mt Cuthbert is arguably one of the best day hike sections of the Bibbulmun Track!

As you ascend Mt Vincent, the views to the South West are stunning and worth stopping to admire. You’ll head over the summit of Mt Vincent and back down along the Bibbulmun towards Mt Cuthbert. The descent is steep and rocky and an adventure all of its own! Not too far into the descent you will be surrounded by lush Jarrah & Ghost Gum forest filled with Banksias and Grass Trees, then you’ll feel it in your legs that you are ascending up towards Mt Cuthbert.

As we reach the top of Mt Cuthbert, you will be rewarded with a delicious morning tea and awe-inspiring views of the Monadnocks Conservation Park!

Bibbulmun Multi-Day Hike | Balingup – Donnelly River

Multi Day hiking Balingup

The Balingup to Donnelly River section of the Bibbulmun Track features 58 km of trails through the beautiful Southern Forests & Blackwood River Valley.

You’ll hike from the Golden Valley Tree Park in Balingup, through the Jarrah forests of Greenbushes, across rolling hills to the Blackwood Valley, and into the towering Karri trees of Donnelly River Valley.

Experiencing parts of the South West only accessible by foot, you’ll be carrying your own gear and camping out for 3 full days completely immersed in nature! Your last night will be spent in a warm bed at the picturesque Donnelly River Village.

This is a brilliant beginners multi-day hike as the terrain is quite varied, but also manageable.

We include transportation to and from Balingup as well as an overnight hiking kit hire if you don’t have your own gear.

Southern Forests

Bibbulmun Multi-Day Hike | Pemberton – Northcliffe

This is the perfect adventure off the beaten track for beginners to dip their toe into multi-day hiking!

Trekking from the famous Cascades in Pemberton to the small South West town of Northcliffe you will be totally immersed in our spectacular Southern Forests, along parts of the magical Bib Track that are only accessible by foot. 

You will be expertly guided through lush karri and jarrah forests, rolling country hills, trees covered in vibrant green moss, little bridges (and a mighty big one too!), flowing rivers, tranquil cascades and picturesque farmland.

Join our amazing and knowledgeable Guides and other happy hikers and experience the comradery of an OTBT multi-day hike!

Bibbulmun Multi-Day Hike | Kalamunda – Brookton

Sunset Bib track camping hut

Join us for a 73 km multi-day hiking adventure from Kalamunda to Brookton Hwy in the Darling Range and be taken on a scenic journey over granite outcrops, through eucalyptus and wandoo forests and across undulating landscape.

You will experience parts of the Darling Range that are remote and only accessible by foot on this 5 day adventure off the beaten track in WA! This is one of our intermediate multi-day hiking adventures! The Darling Range section of the Bibbulmun has some steep, rugged terrain to navigate, but as you arrive at camp each day the sense of achievement you’ll get is unlike any other!

This is a multi-day hiking experience carrying your own gear and being completely immersed in nature for 5 days.

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