foot care wide

There is a reason why an increasing number of people are taking a fancy to hiking. After all, it is fun, liberating, empowering, and leaves you with an adventurous and unforgettable feeling. However, it can also leave you with painful blisters. These burns and wounds can seem insignificant at first, but the last thing you want to do is ignore them.

Foot care is important when you are on a hike. Here are a few ways how you can soften the damage before it occurs.

Pick the right footwear
Finding footwear that fits snugly and comfortably is imperative. Rather than going in for leather hiking boots, which promote a damp environment and can chafe the skin, opt for trail runners or light hikers. It helps your feet breathe easily and keeps them dry.

Get the right socks
The socks you choose to put on during a long hike are equally important. Refrain from using bulky wool socks. You can pick a thin pair of synthetic cycling socks instead or hiking toes socks which are made specifically for this kind of activity. These socks fit comfortably, don’t have seems and don’t cut off air circulation.

Tackle the hot spots
When you feel a blister forming, tackle it there and then. Making use of a breathable tape that is particularly made for blister prevention is a good idea. It reduces pressure on the blister. Tapes and dressings do the bare minimum required to keep you blister- and infection-free. Always remember Fixomull is your friend!

Help your feet stay moisture-free
You can avoid blisters if you keep the skin on your feet super dry. This is because there is minimum friction (that is usually responsible for blisters) in this state. If you are prone to sweaty feet, use a foot powder to keep your feet dry.

Cushioned insoles, synthetic footwear with mesh uppers, taking care of hangnails and skin conditions and staying hydrated are some of the other ways you can keep blisters at bay.

So don’t let the nagging feelings of burn and hurt stop you from having a good time on your next trail adventure. Using a combination of these preventive measures is sure to help you enjoy the beauty of your natural surroundings without the stinging pain in your feet.