Discover the Porongurups – Nancy’s Peak Circuit and Devil’s Slide

The Stirling Range tends to take the spotlight for any adventurers exploring the Great Southern Region, especially with the recent popularity of Bluff Knoll and its #instaworthy views, but for us here at OTBT HQ, the nearby Porongurup Range holds an equally (if not more) special spot in our hearts.

Porongurup map

Commonly referred to as “The Porongurups”, this unique mountain range­—approximately 12km long—was formed over 1200 million years ago, making it one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world! These ancient granite peaks are levelled into domes and can be experienced up-close bushwalking or rock-climbing, marvelled at from a distance over some decadent wine-tasting at a local boutique winery,  or spending a night (or three) at one of the adjacent chalets or caravan parks/campsites.

This National Park is so rich in biodiversity that the amazing energy and enchantment can be felt as soon as you step into the lush forest of towering karri trees.  In fact, with some 700 native and 10 endemic species within the park, this place is an absolute mecca for nature lovers including photographers, birdwatchers, botanists and wildflower enthusiasts alike.

Even though most visitors have their first taste of the Porongurups by visiting the popular Castle Rock on the relatively new Granite Skywalk, one of OUR ultimate favourite (but lesser known) trails is the Nancy Peak Circuit, which traverses the main peaks, with the optional extension to Devil’s Slide.

The Nancy Peak Circuit starts from the Tree in the Rock picnic area, and if walked clockwise, takes you through Hayward Peak, Nancy Peak, and Morgan’s View with the side option of Devil’s Slide.

Porongurup Off The Beaten Track Adventure

Not long after you start walking, you will pass the namesake tree that grows out of the rock before commencing an uphill trek which will set your heart pumping as you delve deeper into the magical forest and past mossy boulders and fallen trees. The climb is totally worth it though, because you will soon be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Stirling Range on a clear day from Hayward Peak! If you choose to go in spring, the mountain tops will be riddled with wildflowers, and on a sunny day, the sun warms up the granite rock nicely, making it perfect to sit down for a bit of meditation, a picnic lunch, or even a bit of yoga.

From Hayward Peak, continue on the trail towards Nancy Peak and Morgan’s View. The scenery seems to get better with every step. You are flanked by views of the Stirling Range on your right and views stretching south all the way out to Albany on your left. You will also start to get a better view of neighbouring peaks  including Devil’s Slide, Marmabup Rock, and Gibraltar Rock, as they loom closer.

After Morgan’s View, you will start your descent. The steps downhill do require a bit of concentration to avoid slipping or tripping on the way down.

Nancys Peak Map

As you reach the bottom, you will be faced with a fork in the trail and a signboard:

At this point, you have two options.

OPTION 2: For those up for more adventure, go straight ahead toward’s Devil’s Slide as an extension to your hike.

OPTION 2: For those up for more adventure, go straight ahead toward’s Devil’s Slide as an extension to your hike.

Devil’s Slide is the highest peak of the Porongurups, standing proud at 670 meters above sea level (for comparison, Bluff Knoll is 1099 meters ASL).

Although the hike up Devil’s Slide is short (less than a kilometer in distance), it is somewhat steep in places, and overall moderately challenging. Having said that, the lush greenery (speckled with sun orchids and various other types of wildflowers in spring) in which the trail is set does make for a very pleasant climb.

Standing on the smooth and exposed granite at the summit, take your time to take it in the breathtaking 360° views and maybe have a snack or two before you head back down the same way.

Back at the fork, turn left to start the last section of Wansborough Walk back to the car park.

Don’t forget to take some deep breaths (the clusters of Old Man’s Beard everywhere is a testament of how pure the air is) and soak in the tranquility as you  walk among the towering karri trees – A different perspective of the same trees whose treetops you have admired from above just minutes ago. 

If you visit the Porongurup Range, give this hike a go, you wont be disappointed. We hope you will love it as much as we do!

Do note that this trail is not ideal in wet weather as the granite gets very slippery.

The picnic/day use area is also perfect for a pre/post-hike BBQ, especially if you have a large group, complete with well-maintained toilet facilities on site.

However, if you would rather discover the region with a group of like-minded adventurers on a guided tour, Off The Beaten Track WA has an experience to suit every hiker!

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Happy and safe hiking!

Written By: Jody Siong

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