Full Moon Yoga Hike – A Lunar Experience

There is something very mysterious about a full moon! Lunar energy can have a powerful healing force and when combined with yoga can release tension and restore you, leaving you feeling grounded, rejuvenated and fulfilled.

On Tuesday evening, we were joined by a bunch of lovely ladies for the Full Moon Yoga Hike to Mt Vincent. As we set off from Sullivan Rock, it was still quite warm but by the time we reached the top of Mt Vincent the sun was setting and we were greeted with a balmy Spring evening. As we admired the warm glow from the sunset in the West we turned to the East and witnessed the full moon rise from the horizon!

Maria from Parnita’s Yoga led our happy hikers in a 15 minute moon meditation on the top of Mt Vincent.

Once they were all relaxed, we filled their tummys with a gourmet spread of antipasto delights whilst they chatted away and connected with each other and nature!

A slight glow from the sun could still be seen which added an incredible ambiance as we hiked back down Mt Vincent by moonlight. As we reached Sullivan Rock the moon was shining bright and high in the night sky – absolutely perfect for an invigorating full moon yoga session!

Maria led her yikers through a gentle full moon practice, it was calm, rejuvenating and left everyone feeling completely zen. To top off the experience our happy hikes enjoyed a nice cup of freshly brewed balance tea. They were totally immersed in nature, calm and relaxed! 

A massive thank you to the lovely hikers, yogis or yikers that joined us for the Full Moon Yoga Hike. We hope you had an amazing experience Off The Beaten Track!

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