Valley of the Giants

The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk takes you through some of the biggest trees on the planet – WA’s impressive tingle trees.

This architecturally designed pathway leads you 40m above the forest canopy and lasts for about 600m. As you walk along the steel bridge, you will get a glimpse into the ancient ecosystem of these majestic 400+ year old red tingle trees. It is hard to believe that these giant eucalypts are found nowhere else in Australia or on Earth!

The Ancient Empires Walk leads off from the Treetop Walk and takes you through the feet of the tingles across boardwalks and pathways. One of the highlights of this trail is walking through – yes through the timber giants. As you wind through the under-story of the forest it’s important to stick to the trail, which protects the environment of these impressive trees.

It might be a short ‘trail’ but it is remarkable to be amongst the treetops. The awe-inspiring views the treetop walk offers are inspiring and definitely an experience for any nature lover!

The Valley of the Giants is located just off South Coast Highway between Walpole and Denmark and worth a visit next time you are heading down to the amazing south coast.

For more information visit Explore Parks WA!

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