So You’ve Booked a Hiking Tour With OTBT

What’s Next?

OTBT prides itself on ensuring your hiking experience with us is top notch and your comfort and safety is an essential part of your OTBT experience.

You have an amazing hike coming up so here’s what you need to do to prepare for the day.

Prep The Day Before

Check your booking confirmation email or the web page for the tour so you know what to bring. Pre-pack your backpack with the essential items.  

Double check how to get there. In your booking confirmation email we will include where the meeting point will be. 

You may also want to refuel your car the day before so a trip via the petrol station doesn’t make you late on the day.

Get a good night’s sleep! Your body is the main piece of hiking equipment you’ll be using on the day and resting up the night before will provide you with the energy to have an awesome hike!

On The Day

Have a hearty, healthy breakfast to fuel your body for the day.

Choose clothes that are light, long and layered, and suitable for weather on the day.  Activewear is great for ease of movement due to the stretch in the fabric.

Light – Even on rainy winter hikes you can build up a sweat! Wearing light breathable clothing will help keep your body cooler. 

In summer, light long sleeved shirts are great. So are tshirts and tank tops, although be aware of sunburn (even on cloudy days or walking through shady trees).

Long – Long loose pants in particular will help protect you from sunburn, scratchy plants and insect bites. 

Layered – No matter what season you go hiking, the temperature still changes throughout the day. 

Layering up with light clothing gives you the opportunity to put something on or take something off whenever you need and light layers will be easy to stow away in your backpack without taking up too much room.

In wet weather, don’t forget:

Wear sensible shoes like sneakers or hiking boots. Anything else can result in an injury! Bring a spare pair of socks (waterproofed in a zip lock bag) to change into as part of your blister care.

Don’t be late! Make sure you arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes early. We take a role call, provide hiking poles to those who’d like to borrow them and go through safety and emergency procedures. Remember, if you’re late, you’re holding up everyone!

A Word About the Weather

OTBT continually monitors the weather prior to all of our hiking experiences. 

We have specialised software that provides details every three hours for the specific areas we take our tours and covers things like temperatures, storms and bushfire alerts. 

We use this to decide whether a hike will go ahead or not. 

As the weather forecast can change dramatically between your booking and the actual day, we only cancel 24 hours before the event. So if you don’t hear from us, the hike is on.

We will always ensure that your hike with us will be safe and enjoyable, including the weather! 


Due to COVID19 pandemic, please ensure you do your best to keep a distance of 1.5m away from other hikers during your time with Off The Beaten Track WA. We do ask if you are feeling unwell please stay at home. See our COVID-19 Policy.

We hope you have an AWESOME time Off The Beaten Track!

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