Top 10 Winter Hiking Trails in Perth

Winter is the best time to explore Perth’s hiking trails!

The rains have filled the brooks and streams, the waterfalls are flowing, the forest has come alive and is vibrant with lush green foliage, vibrant moss and even the spot of colour from wildflowers. 

Perth’s Mediterranean climate means our winters are mild and wet… but not too wet! We are lucky to get ample picture perfect sunny yet cool winters days here in Perth, absolute hiking perfection, or as I like to say… Perthfection!

Even if it rains, it isn’t likely to rain all day, so pack a rain coat, pack cover and embrace the rain!

It’s no secret, we love hiking and with Perth being our backyard we know the trails here like the back of our hand, so we thought we’d share our top 10 winter wanders!

View of the Serpentine River with trees and bush in the foreground.
Hikers on the Paruna hiking track.

Kitty’s Gorge

This enchanting trail takes hikers on a captivating journey through the heart of Serpentine National Park, immersing you in the beauty of nature at every turn. Following the picturesque Gooralong Brook, the trail unveils a mesmerising series of hidden waterfalls, their cascading waters harmonising with the tranquil ambiance of the surrounding forest.

The path winds its way through lush jarrah/marri forests and charming pine plantations, offering a delightful sensory experience with the refreshing scent of pine and lemon scented eucalypt filling the air. Crossing rustic bridges over the babbling brook, hikers are treated to a symphony of sounds, as the stream’s gentle flow creates a peaceful backdrop to the adventure.

For nature enthusiasts and hikers alike, Kitty’s Gorge Walk Trail promises an unforgettable and soul-stirring exploration of Western Australia’s pristine wilderness. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the delicate sundews that line the banks or the trail, they are a real treat! 

This trail can be accessed from either Jarrahdale Cemetery, Atkins St Jarrahdale or Serpentine Falls (National Park fees apply).

*Please note a recent permanent alignment has added additional distance to this trail, making it now an 18km return hike.

If you’d like to discover even more about Perth’s best hiking trail, join a guided tour with us. We have an 8km and 18km option as well as a Hike, Wine & Dine Experience on this amazing trail.

Hiker sits on a rock in front of Kitty's Waterfall near Perth.

Numbat Trail, Paruna

The Numbat Trail is the longest of three trails that Paruna has to offer and right from the start you can see why it has a good reputation. You can expect a complex mosaic of woodland, shrubland and heathland throughout steep granite slopes, boardwalks, eerie marshes and amazing views of the Paruna Gorge. As you traverse the many switchbacks and lots of steps, the fresh scent of eucalyptus is ever present.

Paruna sanctuary is in the Darling Range, and sits on the western margin of the ‘Yilgarn Block’; an ancient granite landform that formed over 2.5 billion years ago. The scenic Avon Valley, where Paruna is located, was carved out by the Avon River over thousands of years. The sanctuary itself is characterised by extremely steep slopes, numerous streams and creeklines, and areas of exposed granite.

The sanctuary is home to a number of significant species including the threatened Chuditch (Western Quoll), Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo, and small mammals such as the Honey Possum which lives in Paruna’s diverse heathlands, and the Western Pygmy Possum.

This hike is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced hikers. There are over 1000 steps, lots of switchbacks and hills!

If you join OTBT on their Guided Numbat Trail Hiking Experience, entry into the park is included as well as morning tea and teh safety and camraderie of hiking with Perth’s best hiking community!

However if you choose to hike solo, please note you must book and pay $10 for park entry through the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Sullivan Rock – Mt Cuthbert, Bibbulmun Track

Undoubtedly, Sullivan Rock to Mt Cuthbert stands out as an exceptional Perth day hike section along the renowned Bibbulmun Track. This captivating stretch offers hikers a perfect blend of awe-inspiring natural beauty and invigorating challenges. As you embark on this memorable journey, the rugged terrain opens up to breathtaking vistas of Western Australia’s scenic landscapes.

Beginning at Sullivan Rock Car Park, Albany Hwy (approximately 9kms from the Jarrahdale Rd turn off heading south), you will begin your hike by ascending the giant granite dome of Sullivan Rock on the spur trail.

As you ascend Mt Vincent, the views to the South West are stunning and worth stopping to admire. You’ll head over the summit of Mt Vincent and back down along the Bibbulmun towards Mt Cuthbert. Not too far into the descent you will be surrounded by lush Jarrah & Ghost Gum forest filled with Banksias and Grass Trees, on a cold wet day this valley feels quite mystical!

The trail meanders through diverse terrains, from rocky outcrops to lush woodlands, immersing hikers in the region’s rich biodiversity. The sense of accomplishment upon reaching the summit of Mt Cuthbert is unparalleled, rewarded with panoramic views that extend as far as the eye can see. 

Follow the Bibbulmun Track from Sullivan Rock to Cuthbert return for a 10km hike twin peak hike, or continue on to Monadnocks Campsite and return for a 16km four peak challenge.

Sun rising over Mount Vincent. In the foreground, a puddle reflects the sky and sun.

Mt Cooke Loop, Darling Range

Mt Cooke is the highest hike-able point in the Darling Range at 582 metres, and it is definitely my favourite!

Mt Cooke features 3km or trail across the ridge for hikers to explore. The views from Mt Cooke summit are simply spectacular and from here you can see in all directions.

Within the first 5 minutes of hiking, you will find yourself ascending up the South side of the monadnock. You will no doubt be impressed by large sloping granite outcrops and giant boulders. Those lucky enough will even find the elusive Mt Cooke Cave! Here you can leave a note in the ‘Cave Book’ like our hikers do on the Mt Cooke Hiking Experience. (Hot Tip: the cave is on the South side of the ridge, look for the ‘split boulders’ that face East).

This 10.5km/4hr loop trail will take you along the Bibbulmun Track over the peak until you reach the Mt Cooke Campsite. From there it is a relatively flat 6km through Jarrah Forest along Cooke Rd back to the start point. Be prepared for possible changes in weather. The summit ridge (especially on the south) is quite exposed and can get quite cold and windy.

The Mt Cooke Loop Trail is one of my personal favourite hiking trails in Perth!

View from the Mt Cooke loop, blue sky, rocks and bush nearby.
Hikers on the Mount Cooke Overnight Hike

Kalamunda to Mundaring, Bibbulmun Track

The Kalamunda to Mundaring Weir section of the Bibbulmun Track features steep rocky terrain, flowing waters, granite boulders, picturesque views over the Mundaring Weir and Lake CY O’Connor plus amazing valley views all combined in 18.5kms of hiking gold!

Kicking off at the Bibbulmun Track Northern Terminus (Kalamunda), hikers will wander through the former golf course that is now known as Jorgensen Park and into Kalamunda National Park. Following the creek line of Piesse Brook downwards to admire spectacular valley views before ascending past granite outcrops and boulders and through lush mixed Jarrah forest.

The last stretch of this hikes takes you through Beelu National Park and across the Mundaring Weir and over Lake CY O’Connor. You will marvel in its beauty and after reading the interpretive signage have an appreciation of the work that went into building this impressive structure regarded as one of the world’s great engineering projects. 

Finish your hike with a cold refreshing drink at the Mundaring Weir Hotel!
*Please note a car shuffle is required to complete this hike one way, or join OTBT on our Discover the Bibbulmun Kalamunda – Mundaring Hike and let us take care of all the logistics for you (including a yummy lunch at Trails Hub Cafe)!

King Jarrah, Dwellingup

The King Jarrah trail traces the former transportation routes of the once vibrant timber industry.  The much prized hard woods of  jarrah, marri and blackbutt saw a proliferation of timber towns in the late nineteenth century and were an important source of employment for the early pioneers.

Beginning from Nanga Mill campground, the trail starts off with a short but sharp blood pumping hill which warms the soul on the frosty winters mornings. It doesnt take long for the trail to flatten out though and you can wander out yonder through the lush jarrah forest. In August and with the Noonga season of Djilba you can expect to see flowering Drummonds Wattle along this trail which is absolutely spectacular!

This 18km loop trail can be quite challenging with some steep rocky sections, but the last 11 kms is relatively flat as it follows the Murray River on an old 4 x 4 track. You can expect to see plenty of wildlife and birdlife and hear the water flowing along the river on this full day hike in Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup.

*Note National Park entry fees apply. OR Join OTBT for a fully inclusive Hiking Experience and our Guide’s will share their love of the King Jarrah Hike with you too!

Lesmurdie Falls, Mundy Regional Park

Lesmurdie Falls in Mundy Regional Park, boasts the largest and most impressive waterfall in Perth.

Offering 5 diverse walking trails ranging from 640m to 3kms, the Valley Loop Trail stands out as a personal favourite. Beginning at Falls Rd car park, the trail leads to breathtaking views of the falls and the Perth city skyline from a lookout. Descending alongside Lesmurdie Brook, the trail takes you to the base of the falls, surrounded by the beauty of blooming Karri Hazel during Winter and Spring. Crossing the brook, you ascend to another lookout before returning through a vibrant sea of wildflowers in August to September. Completing the loop back at the car park, Lesmurdie Falls presents an epic and family-friendly experience, perfect for exploring both from the top and the base.

*Please note that Falls Rd car park is the primary starting point, and visiting early is recommended to avoid crowds. An alternative start point is available at Palm Terrace car park in Forrestfield.

Why not combine Lesmurdie Falls & Whistlepipe Gully together in one epic hike and join us on the Waterfalls, Wildflowers & Wandoo Hiking Experience.

Chuditch Trail, Lane Poole

The Chuditch trail in Lane Poole Reserve offers hikers a unique double ended tadpole loop through misty winter forests.

The trails starts at either Nanga Mill or Chuditch Campsites and include a visit to Island Pool, Murray River and Nanga Brook. The tranquil flowing waters will soothe your soul and the abundant bird life including Forest Red Tailed Cockatoos and Blue Fairy Wrens will astound you.

The mixed jarrah/marri forest is filled with xanthorheas, zamias and pea flower which makes for a colourful pop of colour in late winter.

The official distance of this trail as per Trails WA is 7kms, however we’ll warn you, it is closer to 9kms!

Hot tip: You can begin this hike at Nanga Town Site Camp Ground to avoid paying National Park fees, however consider that your investment to enter the park money well spent when you use the facilities on your hike!

Echidna Trail, Walyunga National Park

The Echidna Trail in Walyunga National Park is a captivating 10km/3hr loop that offers an exhilarating hike through scenic landscapes.

Following the black footprint trail markers, the journey begins alongside the Avon River, where the soothing sound of rushing water creates a tranquil ambiance. The trail features rocky ascents, challenging your legs as you ascend the Walyunga hills.

At a vantage point, you can admire stunning views of the Avon Valley and the Eastern Railway below, the wildflowers can present a sea of yellow here in late winter which is absolutely breathtaking. As you continue, the trail opens up, revealing colourful flowering shrubs, rocky outcrops, and friendly kangaroos. A granite outcrop provides an ideal spot to rest and soak in the beauty of Walyunga. Woodsome Hill marks the highest point at 250m elevation, offering sweeping views of the Swan Valley and Swan Coastal Plain.

The final stretch leads you downhill through shrublands adorned with vibrant wildflowers, a true highlight of this hike. The Echidna Trail may seem deceivingly gentle at first, but its scenic challenges make it a great yet challenging winter hike in Perth.

Eagle View Trail, John Forrest National Park

The Eagle View Walk Trail in John Forrest National Park offers a 15km hiking adventure filled with breathtaking scenery.

Starting at the Rangers Station, the trail leads alongside Jane Brook to the National Park Falls, a serene spot to admire the gushing and power waterfall in winter! The ascent to Eagle View Lookout via the ridge trail is about 1.6kms. At the lookout, sweeping views of the Swan Coastal Plain and Perth await. This is a perfect spot to pause your hike, have a bite to eat and enjoy the serenity.

The trail continues through open heathlands, past Christmas Tree Creek, and jarrah-marri-wandoo forests, offering diverse landscapes and a great workout. Being the only loop trail in Perth of a larger distance, the Eagle View Walk Trail is an ideal day hike for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable adventure off the beaten track.

*National Park Entry Fees Apply

Waterfalls flowing over rocks seen from a hiking trail on a sunny day.

So there you have it.. our Top 10 Perth Winter Hiking Trails. These trails all have their own element of beauty and something unique that makes them special. But don’t just take my word for it… get out there  and explore them either with us on an OTBT Hiking Experience, or with your friends or family. Remember our top safety and preparation tips if you venture out solo though. Here’s a list of our top 10 must haves when hiking to help get you started too!

Why not get yourself an Annual National Parks Pass too so you can explore them all, over and over again!

Embrace the crisp air, immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes, and let nature captivate your heart and soul. Get ready to create memories, find inner peace, and witness the beauty that awaits on these extraordinary trails. Perth’s winter trails are calling, and the adventure begins now.

Happy hiking!

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