Having settled in the Perth Hills a few years back, Estelle discovered an irresistible love for the fantastic trails right in her backyard. “I’ve always enjoyed pushing my fitness boundaries through running, cycling, or Pilates, but hiking, hands down, is the most sociable and enjoyable way to stay fit!” Estelle’s ultimate trail crush is Mt […]


I started hiking with my dog as a way to maintain a recent weight loss and for the escapism. I soon realised that while solo hiking is great, occasionally it can be too individual and the dog was useless to chat to. So I looked into the group thing for the social aspect of meeting […]


Just a few years ago, a Google search led me to Off the Beaten Track’s Yoga hike, sparking an instant connection with hiking and everything OTBT offers! Being immersed in nature, surrounded by supportive souls, fills me with immense joy. Becoming a support guide was an easy decision! I relish being at the back of […]


March 2021 marked my entry into Off The Beaten Track’s thrilling world! It all began with a spectacular Swan River kayak tour, a gift from a friend, sparking my interest. Nervous but curious, I ventured on my first twilight hike with a friend, only to find solo hikes equally enchanting with delightful encounters each time. […]

Top 10 Winter Hiking Trails in Perth

Waterfall with the sun shining. Viewed from a Perth hiking trail.

Winter is the best time to explore Perth’s hiking trails! The rains have filled the brooks and streams, the waterfalls are flowing, the forest has come alive and is vibrant with lush green foliage, vibrant moss and even the spot of colour from wildflowers.  Perth’s Mediterranean climate means our winters are mild and wet… but […]

Nature’s Healing Trail: Unveiling the Mental Health Benefits of Hiking

Nature’s Healing Trail: Unveiling the Mental Health Benefits of Hiking In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, finding moments of tranquillity and peace can be challenging. We often find ourselves caught up in the never-ending cycle of work, responsibilities, and the constant buzz of technology. However, amidst the chaos, there is a hidden […]

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